IT Professionals Club | About Us
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About Us

At IT Professionals Club, we are an established Computer Education Institute, with a vision to make career of students and professional in the field of Information Technology. Our aim is to enable them to start their own IT Business instead of searching job.


We are backed by a team of professionals who enable us to achive new height with time. We pioneer in provided IT Educations from professional and at inception level for school students.


We are best known for quality computer education and computer training. We also offering Internship trainings to our student in our Software House namely Tech IT Systems to improve students’ confidence to work in professional environment and learning whatever need by customers.


More than just teaching and training we provide knowledge to our students qualifying for our courses conducted at the computer education centers / Computers Institutes this builds our name and a brand that has an impact in the domain of computer education and computer training.


Under the IT Professionals Club, we also conduct Workshops and Seminars of different topics to make our students up to date with the technology.


We strive to to sharpen the young raw minds for better efficiency and output that they can offer to industries post completion of our curriculam. We have a vision to to eradicate illetracy in the remotest approachable corner and spread IT educations through our affiliate network of computer institutes which are located globally.



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